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  • aws management Tool

    Posted on 2015-08-25 by 비내리는사막 in AWS.

    1. Cloud Management – RightScale and Scalr 2. Cost Management – Cloudability, Cloudyn, CloudCheckr and Botmetric (our product) 3. Security Management – Dome9, TrendMicro DeepSecurity 4. Apps Deployment – Bitnami 5. Cloud Monitoring – Datadog, ScriptRock, ServerDensity, CopperEgg etc 6. Cloud Ops Automation – Botmetric (our product) 6. AWS Visual Design Tool (Deployment) – visualops  

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  • 2014 AWS Keynote update

    Posted on 2015-01-21 by 비내리는사막 in AWS.

    Cloud watch – Log  중앙 수집 관리. Alart 설정 가능 (report update)   AWS Directory Service – 자체 구축(samba 기반), AD Connector Support Console 통합. 기존에는 페이지 분리되어 있었으나 콘솔 안으로 통합 됨. Route 53 – Private DNS 구축 가능. AWS 내부에서만 가능.  

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